About T

I’m a graduate student living in the city, who hopes that someday we reverse global warming while trying to stay optimistic and realistic. Hope drives progress; fear and cynicism slow it down.

I love food of almost all kinds.

Also, I hike, climb, run, walk, dance, do yoga, pub crawl, or whatever is most convenient/fun on that day.

Additionally, I knit and make some of my own hippie dippie beauty and hygiene products.

Also additionally, I try to be more vegetarian, but alas pulled pork exists, so.

Additionally as well, I’m queer.

Plus also additionally, I also read and watch movies/TV series and listen to standup, as well.

(Note how I put “read” before “movies/TV” in an attempt to elevate my online persona above my real persona. I think it’s working.)


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